Itinerant & Member Parking

Itinerant Parking Locations

West Grass Itinerant Parking

West Grass Itinerant Parking


We have Parking options for temporary (overnight), paved club member and  grass parking for club member and non-member  itinerant ( Long Term/Short Term)

West Grass Itinerant Parking

West Grass Itinerant Parking

West Grass Itinerant Parking


Grey Areas in picture is for itinerant parking in the grass, off the paved Apron 5

Payment Honour System

Visitor Itinerant Parking

Visitor Itinerant Parking


Up To 6 Hours - Free

>6 Hours or Overnight - $5.00

Day Rate -$5.00


We work on the honour system and believe in Karma!

Use supplied envelopes, Fill out Form and drop in the black box.

Types of payment:

1. Cash or Cheque (Payable to Kamloops Flying Club)

2. Interact e-Transfer - Recipient

Your parking fees go to helping support our club (Parking Lease and Insurance) which in turn helps grow General Aviation in Kamloops and British Columbia.

Visitor Itinerant Parking

Visitor Itinerant Parking

Visitor Itinerant Parking



●  2 Marked Visitor Spots in paved lot in front of Kamloops Flying Club House, Parking stalls are 40’ W x 37’ D

●  West Lot Parking is at the West end of Apron 5 around the cul-de-sac in the grass area. This area will be having future upgrades happening in Spring/Summer 2020

Additional Donations are Gratefully Accepted

Clubhouse Access

For pilots using itinerant parking can have access to the clubhouse for washrooms and WIFi.  The gate code leaving airside parking is the same code to enter the East side 2nd door of the clubhouse.

Car Rental

The car rental companies from the Terminal Building will bring rentals over to the South side itinerant parking.


Kamloops Airport offers a variety of rental car options.

250.374.7368 or 1.888.368.7368


National Car & Truck

Monthly/Yearly Parking Fees/Contract

Parking Fees  For  Kamloops  Flying  Club  Managed  Parking

 $840.00 (asphalt)        Annually  _______ $600.00 (Grass/Dirt)  Annually ________

 $80.00 (asphalt)          Monthly  ________ $360.00 (Grass/Dirt) 6 Months ________  

 $60.00 (Grass/Dirt)    Monthly   ________


  • Paved parking stalls available to KFC members only. Click link below for contract.

  • Kamloops Flying Club's West Lot responsibilities are limited to parking spot assignment and fee collection  only. 

  • West Lot remains under the care and control of Kamloops Airport Limited.

KFC Parking Contract Mar 9 2020 (pdf)