Arthur Loring,  a local small business owner, has been a private pilot since 1998, and owns a Diamond DA-20. His goals within the flying club is to re-energize our local aviation community with fun fly-outs and local events while encouraging new people to discover aviation as a career or hobby.

Arthur Loring - Vice President

Directors of the Kamloops Flying Club

Meet the Executive of the Flying Club

Monte Dauncey was Treasure last year and this year has set up to the roll of President. Monte owns and flys an RV-7A.

Monte Dauncey - President


Monte Dauncey - Treasurer

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Ravgunn Singh Raikhi - Secretary

Orvin Walden assumes the Presidents role this year. He has been actively involved in club activities since he joined. He brings great enthusiasm to the position and will be a solid leader for the flying club. He owns and flys a Cessna 172.

Orvin Walden - Past President

Arguing with a pilot is like wrestling with a pig in the mud, after a while you begin to think the pig likes it.

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